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Shipping XBit

The final 1.0 release for XBit will be happening this week. It’s taken a heck of a lot longer then I had initially hoped for but I guess that’s how things work out when you have to schedule your programming time around a full-time job, the gym, Aikido classes and Japanese study. The first posted public beta was Dec 6th, 2003. Wow! And I thought the guys at Omni were taking their sweet time with their latest thing.

Next up, the website will need to be updated. No more info on the public beta. I will be extending the discounted price for a short while though. Just long enough for a press release to make the rounds and hopefully get us a little more exposure. I’m really looking forward to wrapping it all up and starting fresh. There are so many things that I’d love for XBit to do that I’ve had to cut from the 1.0 release. It should be fun to sit down and hammer out the features for the next release!

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