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Murphy’s Law and Bugs

I guess it figures. The minute I finish posting the final version of XBit 1.0 online I find a new bug. Update the Read Me file, update the website, rebuild with optimizations on and debugging info off, update the various software tracking sites and then kick back and relax right? You’ve earned it… right?

So it’s time to check email. Ahh, a new issue of TidBITS! Pop back into XBit, tell it to download the latest issue and that’s when I see it. There seems to be a problem parsing the second article. What could be causing this I wonder? Well I guess that relaxing part will have to come later. Version 1.0.1 needs my attention!

Update: Posted 1.0.1 online with the fix to the parser. According to my server logs only 1 or 2 people actually got the initial build and XBit will notify them if they need to update.

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