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XBit 1.0.2 Released

The new year is upon us and with it, a special gift for XBit, a brand new bug! It seems the code that handles downloading new issues from the TidBITS FTP server had a slight oversight in it. The result, no new issues for you! That such a simple bug could so impair the functionality! Anyway, the application has been updated and downloading should work once again.

On the topic of XBit, I’ve been playing with a handful of ideas for the next major release. Nothing has been hammered out yet but it will probably be Panther only.

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Some Testing Required

I thought the recent move to my new host had gone smoothly. Everything looked good and I was happy how quickly it all came together. The end of year holiday season is rather hectic after all. Not as much face time with the iBook as I usually have. So I was rather surprised today to discover that my RSS feed and archive pages were missing in action. How lame is that!? I had neglected to bring across my htaccess file. Argh!

Everything should be working now…

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