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Late to the Party

I’ve just now finished upgrading my WordPress install from 1.2.1 to 1.5.2 in the hopes that the new feature set would help with the comment spamming. I’ve been slowly turning off comments for all my posts because the spam just keeps on increasing, even with comment moderation turned on. The spam may not be making it to the site but it’s filling my InBox non the less. As it turns out, there is batch comment deletion in the new version and I’m very impressed. I still need to play with it more but all those queued up spam comments are gone! And good riddance!

One side effect of the update is that I’m now using the default Kubrick theme. It’s not a bad theme but I’d like to put aside some time to find something different at some point. A job for another day though.

PS: I have turned off justified text. I can’t stand that!

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Now With Style

I spent some time playing with Alex King’s WP Style Switcher plugin this evening. The result is there in the navigation menu, a section called styles. Click an item in that list and this site will get a fresh coat of paint. Very groovy indeed! What a great resource for those new to WP or those who, like me, have little artistic talent but would like to use something other than the default style. Not only does Alex provide the plugin to allow style switching but he also hosts an archive of styles by him and others. Check it out and keep up with the latest additions via the RSS feed.

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